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Producer Annual Compliance

Producer Annual Compliance

A producer company is a corporate body regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in accordance with the Companies Act of 2013, with the main objective of engaging in activities related to primary produce. It is formed to facilitate procurement, harvesting, production, pooling, marketing, grading, handling, and selling of primary produce of its members or import of such produced goods, and providing services for the benefit of its members. Producer companies primarily focus on agricultural and post-harvest activities, including processing. The concept of producer companies was introduced in 2002 and is regulated by Chapter IXA of the Companies Act of 2013, which includes specific definitions related to producer companies. Primary produce is defined as products that are produced or grown through agriculture, including activities such as horticulture, animal husbandry, floriculture, forestry, pisciculture, viticulture, forest products, re-vegetation, farming plantation, bee raising products, as well as products from handicrafts, handloom, cottage industries, or any other by-product resulting from these activities.


  • Apply and obtain the DIN and DSC
  • Name Approval
  • Drafting the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Incorporation Certificate

Documents List for Producer Annual Compliance in India

  • Pan Card of (Director/partner/proprietor)
  • Aadhar Card of (Director/partner/proprietor)
  • Address proof of registered office
  • Property tax bill of registered office
  • Rent agreement (if rented property)
  • Nature of business proof

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