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Director Removal

Director Removal

Private companies are required to have a minimum of two directors, while public corporations must have at least three directors. Private companies have the authority to remove a director if they are found to be incompetent as per the Act, if they fail to attend board meetings for over 12 months, or if they enter into agreements that violate section 184 provisions. However, a director can be excluded by order of a court or Tribunal, or if they are convicted by a court of a crime and sentenced to imprisonment for a minimum of six months.

To help shareholders and businesses navigate the removal of a director, our company provides a comprehensive director removal service. We ensure that all necessary procedures are followed diligently and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations thanks to our expertise in corporate governance and legal requirements. We offer expert guidance on reasons for director removal, such as incompetence, non-adherence, disputes, or resignation, as well as assistance to shareholders in drafting and sending special notices for director removal. We also coordinate with the board of directors for validation and resolution. We are aware of the delicate nature of director removal and put in a lot of effort to safeguard our clients’ interests while ensuring that the procedure runs smoothly and in accordance with the law. You can rely on us to provide director removal services that are dependable and professional and tailored to your company’s specific requirements.


  • Basic Prerequisite
  • Issue of Notice
  • Notice to Members
  • Representation in Writing
  • Appeal to the Tribunal

Documents List for Director Removal in India

  • Passport photo of the designated director
  • Self-attested PAN of the director
  • Voter ID/Passport/Driving License as residential proof
  • DSC of the designated director and the existing directors as well.
  • Phone number, email address of the director to be eliminated.
  • Resignation Notice filed with the company
  • Dispatch proof

No matter what type of business you want to run or the industry you belongs to, Bhakat Associates will take care of the registration process with our easy and affordable services. 

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