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Know about Bhakat Associates

Bhakat Associates is a legal business with a focus on company registration and other legal services that has its headquarters in Kolkata and offers services on a global scale. We are a legal firm with our main office in Kolkata. Although our vast legal services has made us recognisable all over the country and abroad. In addition to many other services, we provide ROC changes, licensure services, compliance services, and registration services. Our legal team has experience providing customers with comprehensive legal solutions.

Bhakat Associates is made up of highly skilled and accomplished attorneys and legal advisors who are authorities in their particular areas of law. The Firm is renowned for offering its clients the best assistance. During a specific task, our knowledgeable team of attorneys provides clients with expert advice, including advice on trade marks, copyright, designs, and patents as well as representation in connection with legal disputes.

Bhakat Associates all Services

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Our company provides all kind of company registration includes private limited company registration at a very low price.

Get your one person company registration done with our company. We do company registration at a minimum price of money.

We do the best company registration. Now complete your LLP company registration at an affordable price.

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Our company provides comprehensive trademark registration services to help businesses protect their brand identity and reputation.

To protect your creative works and make sure you have legal ownership over them, our business provides copyright registration services

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For Pvt. Ltd. businesses to submit their ROC returns on time and in compliance with the rules, our company provides hassle-free solution.

Our business specialises in offering effective ROC Return Filing services to OPC companies while assuring adherence to all pertinent rules and regulations.

Providing expert services for Partnership ROC Return Filing, including Form 11 and Form 8. It is our company’s area of expertise.

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Our company offers hassle-free GST registration services to help businesses comply with the tax laws and regulations.

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Our company specializes in providing efficient and reliable startup registration services to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our company specializes in providing ISO certification services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Giving assurance of regulations.

Our company is dedicated to support the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing hassle-free MSME registration services.

Some FAQs

What is the process of registering a company?

Depending on the nation and the type of company, the registration procedure may change. However, it entails providing the necessary authorities with numerous papers and information pertaining to the company's name, registered office location, directors, shareholders, and other statutory information.

What are the benefits of registering a company?

The advantages of registering a business include restricted liability protection, easier access to capital and loans, market credibility, tax advantages, and more.

Can I register a company online?

Yes, a lot of nations now permit online company formation, which optimizes and simplifies the procedure.

How long does it take to register a company?

Depending on the country and the sort of company, the time needed to register a business may change. The registration procedure typically takes a few days to a few weeks to finish.  

Can I change my company name after registration?

After registration, it is possible to change the company name by following the required legal process.

Is it necessary to register for MSME?

No, registering for MSME is not required, but doing so has many advantages, including access to government programs and funding.